9 Ways to Earn Robux for Free (REALISTIC and Legit Methods)

Are you looking for legit ways to earn Robux for free? This video will show you 9 REALISTIC methods you can easily get started with right away.
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If you like playing Roblox, you have maybe been looking for ways to earn Robux for free or to earn Roblox gift cards.

It can be a jungle to find legit methods to do this, and you can end up wasting a lot of time if you have to test all the available options. And there are even outright scams that can be very unsafe to use.

I have tested hundreds of free ways to earn online, and some of the methods I have tested also offer to pay in Robux, and I have therefore made this video to make it easy for you to find the legit methods.

You will learn about 9 platforms you can use to do small tasks and in return earn Robux. It can, for example, be to earn Robux by watching videos, completing offers, playing games, taking surveys, and more.

All of the methods are 100% free and you can easily get started and start earning right away.

However, you need to do it with realistic expectations. It will require you to do some tasks and make a bit of effort. Any platform that claims you can just click a button and get unlimited Robux codes will be a scam.

But if you are willing to put in a bit of effort, there are some really great platforms that can help you get Robux or Roblox gift cards for free.

βœ”οΈYou can see the full list + how to join here: https://paidfromsurveys.com/how-to-get-free-roblox-gift-cards πŸ‘ˆ

0:00 Intro to earning Robux for free
0:32 How much can you earn
1:52 Top 9 ways to earn Roblox gift cards for free – Option 9
3:03 Option 8
4:04 Option 7
4:53 Option 6
5:45 Option 5
6:52 Option 4
7:56 Option 3
9:12 Option 2
10:10 Option 1
11:13 How to get started



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