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DANNY: DE HEK, also known as The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, is conducting a live YouTube session discussing a company called “Wallet Private Wallet.” This company is active on Instagram, Facebook, and various online messaging platforms, claiming that they can assist individuals in recovering their lost cryptocurrency from Ponzi schemes or scams. I was contacted by someone who fell victim to a scam and lost $1,800 to a scheme called HyperVerse. “Wallet Private Wallet” has asserted that they have successfully retrieved $110,238.69 for this person. To facilitate the transfer of these funds, they initially requested the lady to pay $1,800. She complied with this request, but now they are asking her to pay an additional 5% of the recovered amount. They communicated this request with the message: “New balance updated; you need to provide 5% for the transfer fee. Balance: $1,874.77 (0.06841388).”

The lady submitted a support ticket, seeking clarification:

“Where do I need to make the deposit? How should I proceed?”

The response she received from the support team reads as follows:

“Dear Client,

You are required to deposit the necessary amount to your own address: 1KfZNQh7fifw2H5SXaHdwqXu6HTc71MnHj. The amount you need to transfer for POF is $1,897, which is equivalent to 2,784.466 Australian Dollars.”

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