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7-Eleven is a multinational convenience store chain that was founded in Dallas, USA in 1927 as the Southern Ice Company. From 1928 to 1946, the company was known as Tote’mStores. In 1991, the Japanese subsidiary Ito-Yokado acquired 70% of the company’s shares and reorganized it into a subsidiary of Japan’s 7-11 in 2005. Currently, the brand rights of 7-11 are held by Japan’s 7&I Holdings.
According to statistics at the end of March 2019, there were more than 68,236 7-Eleven stores in the world, distributed in 18 countries and regions around the world, including Japan, the United States, Canada, Mexico,
7-11 is now open to individual users. Anyone can invest for a fee
Promotional link: https://7-elevenvipp.vip/?n730764
Online customer service: https://t.me/SVIP_7_11
Official channel: https://t.me/SVIP_7_11_01
1: Only USDT currency can be used for deposit investment, and the TRC20 network is selected.
2: The usage period of each level is 365 days.
5: New users can get 300 USDT. They only need to recharge the following funds to unlock the corresponding level. The most advanced levels can be unlocked directly.
Level-01 quota 9USDT, daily income 3USDT
Level-02 quota is 53USDT, daily income is 17USDT
Level-03 quota is 158USDT, daily income is 53USDT
Level-04 quota is 450USDT, daily income is 150USDT
Level-05 quota is 1000USDT, daily income is 333USDT
Level 06 quota is 2080USDT, daily income is 693USDT
Level 07 quota is 4400 USDT, daily income is 1466 USDT
Level 08 quota is 7800 USDT, daily income is 2600 USDT
Level 09 quota is 13,800 USDT, daily income is 4,600 USDT
Level 10 quota is 20,800 USDT, daily income is 10,400 USDT
Level 11 quota is 38,000 USDT, daily income is 19,000 USDT
Level 12 quota is 58,000 USDT, daily income is 30,000 USDT
Level 13 quota is 100,000 USDT, daily income is 58,000 USDT
1. Bonuses can be withdrawn immediately. The more users you refer to your promotional link, the more commission
The team deposit reaches 500 USDT and gets 8 USDT
Team recharge: Deposit 1,000 USDT and get 28 USDT
The team deposited up to 5,000 USDT and received 188 USDT
The team deposited up to 10,000 USDT and received 388 USDT
The team deposit reached 30,000 USDT and received 888 USDT
The team deposited up to 50,000 USDT and received 2,288 USDT
The team deposit reached 100,000 USDT and received 6888 USDT
The team deposit reached 150,000 USDT and received 12888 USDT
The team deposit reached 200,000 USDT and received 38888 USDT
The team deposit reached 300,000 USDT and received 68888 USDT
Customer Service Hotline: Please: If you are eligible, please contact customer service within 24 hours to claim your reward. Prizes can be withdrawn immediately with no upper limit. The more people refer to your invitation code link, the greater the reward!
For more questions, please consult online customer service:
A: What are the discounts for new user registration?
B: All new users will receive 300 USDT when registering in the system
he rewards for inviting subordinates?
B: When you use the invitation code to register and recharge, the third-level commission ratio is as follows:
10% for first-level members, if the other party recharges 1000 USDT, you will get 100 USDT
3% for second-level members, if the other party recharges 1000 USDT, you will get 30 USDT
2% for third-level members, if the other party recharges 1,000 USDT, you will get 20 USDT
A: In what currency will the settlement be settled?
B: Only USDT currency can be used for deposit investment, and the TRC20 network is selected.
A: How many days of membership can I enjoy at each membership level?
B: The usage period of each membership level is 365 days.
A: Can I withdraw money normally during holidays?
B: There are no holidays in the financial field. You can withdraw money at will 24 hours a day. Instant payment.
A: What is the settlement time of the system?
B: Ends at 00:00 New York time every day. New tasks are withdrawal, the minimum withdrawal amount is: 1 USDT, there is no upper limit.
A: Can all commissions be withdrawn?
B: Yes.
A: What are the rewards for inviting more members?
B: The more members you invite, the more rewards you will get. If the invitation deposit reaches 5 or more members, you can upgrade to level -01 for free. Get 2USDT every day

A: How does the company work?
B: We are a website officially approved by the government to operate legally. The main business is to help stores improve performance. Stores pay us a flat fee. Everyone cooperates for mutual benefit! The best reputation in the world! Please invest with confidence.

For more questions, please contact online customer service: https://t.me/SVIP_7_11

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