Blaroken Reviews – (Clothing Scam or Legit?)

Are Blaroken.com reviews real?
I’ll explain how we know if it’s a real or fake store.

Real Customer Blaroken.com Reviews: https://ad-scams.com/blaroken-com

Blaroken is an online store with great reviews on the site, but very poor reviews elsewhere.

This site sells tactical clothing and accessories at what appears to be reasonable prices.

Blaroken.com was registered on August 5th, 2020.

The person who owns the domain has made all ownership information private.

There is a history of this website in the Internet Archive which means its been active for a while despite being new.

This is a good sign as scam sites are usually taken down quite quickly.

Google has found over 1,000 pages for this website, and unlike scam sites, most pages can be accessed.

So far all details found indicate that this site is legit and you will likely receive your order.

But wait.

There is no customer service phone number, and the business is located in Hong Kong; in this building.

Not only that, but Blaroken.com has already been cloned at Cotosen.com a tactical clothing website that was registered on September 21st 2020.
This is very common for scam websites.

What’s more is that reviews found off of Blaroken.com indicate a consensus that you will receive your order, but shipping will be slow and the item you receive won’t look exactly like the item you ordered.

As for the positive reviews on their site, a lot of them could be real, but what’s troubling is that some of the reviews were posted before the website even existed.

Regardless of all of these facts, if you were to buy from Blaroken.com, you’d probably be overpaying as a lot of their items can be found on Aliexpress even cheaper.

So is Blaroken.com a scam? Well, no its not a scam in that you will actually receive something similar to what you ordered; however, some would consider it to be a bait and switch scam.

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So, do you think Blaroken.com is a scam?

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