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Inviting customers now will have multiple commission registration invitation links: (https://temusvip.com/?H818210)

Invite three levels of rebate rewards:
When someone registers to recharge with your invitation code, you will get the following 3 levels of rebates:
A-level members 10%, the other party recharges 1000 USDT, you get 100 USDT
3% for B-level members, the other party recharges 1,000 USDT, and you get 30 USDT
C-level member 1%, the other party recharges 1000 USDT, you get 10 USDT
Every time the lower-level members perform a task, they will return the task according to the VIP level. The rebate ratio of the VIP level is subject to the VIP level rebate, for example:
VIP1 returns 1% for each task,
VIP2 returns 2% for each task,
VIP3 returns 3% for each task,
VIP4 returns 4% for each task,
Each level corresponds to the percentage of the above task ratio “there will be rewards for completing the task every day”
———————————————- — — —-
1: The recharge investment can only use USDT currency, and choose the TRC20 network.
2: The usage period of each VIP level is 365 days.
3: New tasks are updated at 00:00 U.S. time every day, and rewards can be obtained for completing merchant orders every day.
4: You can only withdraw once a day, you can withdraw at any time, there is no time limit, 1-5 minutes to withdraw, 0 withdrawal fee, minimum withdrawal amount: 1.8USDT, no upper limit.

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