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hudsonsbay.cc Entrepreneurship platform, dreams come true, Hudson’sBay invites you to join, trustworthy, 100% safe and reliable

Everyone can earn money by promoting our app. Register and share links on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, KAO KAO and other social software to earn 10% profit. Invite friends and family to sign up to showcase your team.

The bhmall group shares friend rewards. Friends use your registration link to register and recharge up to 49 US dollars, and they can draw a lottery once, with a maximum award of 5,000 US dollars

Hudson’sBay Mall registration link: https://hudsonsbay.cc/?D520561

Hudson’sBay Mall official Telegram channel link: https://t.me/HDXW002

The minimum recharge amount for VIP1 users to upgrade is 5 USDT

The platform withdrawal fee is 0, withdraw at any time within 24 hours!

We guarantee that this platform will never be closed. Funds are legal, safe and secure

(mode 1)
Return on Deposit:
VIP1 cumulative recharge 5 USDT, daily income 0.8 USDT
VIP2 cumulative recharge 49 USDT, daily income 8.5 USDT
VIP3 cumulative recharge 149 USDT, daily income 27 USDT
VIP4 cumulative recharge 449 USDT, daily income 81 USDT
VIP5 cumulative recharge 1249 USDT, daily income 227 USDT
VIP6 cumulative recharge 2449 USDT, daily income 445 USDT
VIP7 cumulative recharge 4999 USDT, daily income 999 USDT
VIP8 cumulative recharge 9999 USDT, daily income 2222 USDT
VIP9 cumulative recharge 19999 USDT, daily income 4999 USDT
VIP10 cumulative recharge 39999 USDT, daily income 11428 USDT

(working mode 2 )
High commission! ! The number of places is limited, please contact customer service to claim the place.
1. [50USDT task] Recharge 50USDT, earn 15USDT, withdraw about 65USDT
2. [80USDT task] Recharge 80USDT, earn 28USDT, withdraw about 108USDT
3. [100USDT task]Recharge 100USDT, earn 40USDT, withdraw about 140USDT
4. [300USDT task] Recharge 300USDT, earn 135USDT, withdraw about 435USDT
5. [500USDT task] Recharge 500USDT, earn 250USDT, withdraw about 750USDT
6. [800USDT task] Recharge 800USDT, earn 440USDT, withdraw about 1240USDT
7. [1000USDT task]Recharge 1000USDT, earn 600USDT, withdraw about 1600USDT
8. [2000USDT task] Recharge 2000USDT, earn 1300USDT, withdraw about 3300USDT
For details, please consult online customer service for cooperation details.

Invite shareholders to join and enjoy three-level commission
When you use your invitation code agent to invite registration online, you can get a commission,
The rebate ratio of each level is as follows.
Example: Team members recharge 10000 USDT, get 10% commission, 1000 USDT!
Example: Team B members recharge 10000 USDT, get 3% commission, 300 USDT!
Example: Team C members recharge 10000 USDT, get 1% commission, 100 USDT!
Note that the more you deposit, the more rewards you get

Recharge rewards for your agent offline team within 24 hours
For example: recharge 500 USDT within 24 hours, reward 25 USDT
For example: recharge 1500 USDT within 24 hours, reward 80 USDT
For example: recharge 5000 USDT within 24 hours, reward 300 USDT
For example: recharge 15000 USDT within 24 hours, reward 1200 USDT
For example: recharge 50000 USDT within 24 hours, reward 5000 USDT
For example: deposit 150000 USDT within 24 hours, reward 18000 USDT

Note: If you are eligible, please contact customer service within 24 hours to claim the prize. Once the billing cycle expires, it will be considered invalid and your team will need to recalculate and register within 24 hours.

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