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1. Recharge can only use USDT currency and select the TRC20 network.
2. Minimum deposit is 6USDT, 24-hour deposit and withdrawal, 0 handling fee.
3. Invite friends to join to participate in the lottery, with a maximum reward of 6666.66 USDT

【VIP0】The cycle is 60 days, and you can get 0.02 USDT by completing the task every day
【VIP1】The cycle is 60 days, the project investment is 6USDT, and the daily income is: 1.00USDT
【VIP2】The cycle is 60 days, the project investment is 26USDT, and the daily income is: 4.73USDT
【VIP3】The cycle is 60 days, the project investment is 86USDT, and the daily income is: 15.36USDT
【VIP4】The cycle is 60 days, the project investment is 186USDT, and the daily income is: 32.63USDT
【VIP5】The cycle is 60 days, the project investment is 486USDT, and the daily income is: 83.79USDT
【VIP6】The cycle is 60 days, the project investment is 986USDT, and the daily income is: 167.12USDT
【VIP7】The cycle is 60 days, the project investment is 1986USDT, and the daily income is: 367.78USDT
【VIP8】The cycle is 60 days, the project investment is 3986USDT, and the daily income is: 752.08USDT
【VIP9】The cycle is 60 days, the project investment is 8986USDT, and the daily income is: 1728.08USDT
【VIP10】The cycle is 60 days, the project investment is 20,000 USDT, and the daily income is: 3921.57 USDT

Use the invitation code to register and recharge and enjoy high rebates for level 3 subordinates.
Customer A recharges: 100 USDT, reward: 10 USDT = 10% rebate
Customer B recharges: 100 USDT, reward: 6 USDT = 6% rebate
Customer C recharges: 100 USDT, reward: 2USDT = 2% rebate

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