TickPick – is it legit? Are they a ticket resale company that you can rely on when buying tickets to your next event? Let’s explore it in detail!

First off, they have the TickPick Guarantee, meaning that your purchase is protected in case of any issues/event cancellations. You’re going to get tickets that are guaranteed to work, and if there are any issues, customer service is going to go above and beyond to make sure any of your issues are resolved.

Second off, the fee structure with TickPick is unique in that you will never explicitly pay any fees…EVER! TickPick has an all-in pricing model so the price you see is the price you pay. It can make comparing ticket prices between different resale websites a little more difficult, but when you can save on money, is it really all that bad?

Next up are the various features and user interface which help you filter through tickets. TickPick focuses on filtering tickets through their ranking system, but they don’t let you do one simple thing…

Does TickPick have an app? They sure do! They even have a special additional feature inside of it, but overall it has the same look and feel as the website. And again, fees are always $0.

Lastly, TickPick sells tickets in USD, but do they offer any other options for local currency purchases? Unfortunately…it isn’t so. Still though, they are very upfront about it, so you can’ blame them for not informing you.

After taking it all in, the question must be asked; is TickPick legit?

Emphatically YES.

TickPick offers many features and services which are all geared towards helping ticket buyers get the best tickets possible at the best possible price. They offer various tools to help you filter and sort through the noise, allowing you to buy resale tickets with ease. I’ve used them many times before, and I will continue to use them in the future as well.

Try TickPick and pay NO fees ever: https://bit.ly/30Dij2Q

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Try TickPick and pay NO fees ever: https://bit.ly/30Dij2Q
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