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Welcome to join Tripadvisor Mall, register to get a 50usdt reward from the mall. Upgrade to VIP1 users with a minimum recharge of 10USDT

Invite links: https://trigg.vip/477HJJ
Invitation Code: 6839276
Tripadvisor Mall customer service link: https://t.me/TripadvisorVIP
Tripadvisor Mall official channel link: https://t.me/Tripadvisorchannel
1: The recharge investment can only use USDT currency, and choose the TRC20 network.
2: New tasks are refreshed at 15:00 Spanish time every day, and rewards can be obtained for completing merchant orders every day.
3: Reminder: Each VIP level is valid for 365 days, and the principal will be withdrawn upon expiration
4: The withdrawal fee on the platform is 0, the minimum withdrawal is 1 USDT, the withdrawal takes 1-2 minutes to arrive, and the withdrawal can be made at any time within 24 hours!
Return on Deposit:
Recharge 10USDT to get VIP1 earn 2.7USDT per day
Recharge 68USDT to get VIP2 earn 17USDT per day
Recharge 338USDT to get VIP3 earn 86USDT per day
Recharge 768USDT to get VIP4 earn 202USDT per day
Recharge 1688USDT to get VIP5 earn 451USDT per day
Recharge 3688USDT to get VIP6 earn 988USDT per day
Recharge 6688USDT to get VIP7 earn 1799USDT per day
Recharge 9688USDT to get VIP8 earn 2666USDT per day
Recharge 16888USDT to get VIP9 earn 4678USDT per day
Recharge 36888USDT to get VIP10 earn 11000USDT per day

Within 24 hours, your offline team will recharge rewards for you
For example:
The team recharges 500USDT, reward 10 USDT
The team recharges 1000 USDT, reward 40 USDT
The team recharges 3000 USDT, reward 140 USDT
The team recharges 5000 USDT, reward 240 USDT
The team recharges 10,000 USDT and gets 440 USDT
The team recharges 30,000 USDT and rewards 1,500 USDT
The team recharges 80,000 USDT and rewards 3333 USDT
Team rewards can be withdrawn directly, within 1-2 minutes
Note: If you are eligible, please contact customer service within 24 hours to claim the prize. Once the billing cycle expires, it will be considered invalid and your team will need to recalculate and register within 24 hours.
Tripadvisor mall authorizes all promoters to share on major platforms, not limited to any platform

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